Remission Blues: A Song of Crazy

Maybe I’m not officially insane, but I’ve been hanging around Crazy Town. It’s addictive, but I’m managing to claw my way out. I finished treatment in January 2011. You’d think I would’ve been paranoid all this time about a recurrence. I’d been okay for the most part, but lately, not so good. Part of it […]

The Anti-Cancer Club

anticancer club

I love the Anti-Cancer Club. That’s why when they asked me to submit my Tell Your Story post, I was more than happy to do so. Click: Cancer Kicked Mine: But I’m still here and cancer is not, if you’d like to read my story. I recommend the Anti-Cancer Club site. It not only has the stories, but is […]

Why Breast Cancer Ads Insult Men


During Pinktober, you may see ads like the one to your right, raising yet more money for “awareness” – money that goes Godknowswhere.  The copy for the ad says, “You don’t have to be a woman to participate, because who doesn’t want to support titties?”Admittedly, National No Bra Day has some of the more blatantly offensive […]

Pink: The Dark Side

pink stilettos

Pink!  A pretty color in shades that range from soft pastels to brass-band hotness often associated with females, widely used in marketing aimed at women who enjoy their femininity and men who enjoy hot women. Pink!  That adorable spawn of white and red. White is for whitewash, as in lies, coverup and deception. Red is […]

When Positive Isn’t So Positive

How do you feel when someone admonishes you, “Be positive!” Discounted? Misunderstood? Brushed aside?  A recent article suggests positive isn’t always so positive. I agree. Receiving a cancer diagnosis is like a punch in the stomach from which you double over and stay splattered on the ground for days, maybe weeks, before you can even […]

Affirm Life

Card from Mary

I don’t remember when depression seeped in, but it definitely hit hard with the cessation of treatment. My friends assumed I was ready to pick up where I’d left off. In truth, body and soul bore the scars of trauma. To make matters worse, the grenade that cancer hurled at my body boomeranged and exploded […]

Bridge of Sighs

Picture 152

In my last post, I asked whether anyone knew where the photo on the header on my site was taken. No one knew, so here’s the big reveal. It’s the Bridge of Sighs in Venice, Italy. In the spring of 2007, I had the opportunity to go to Italy. I took this photo hanging out […]

A Facelift for My Site

Like my Hat

My site got a facelift. Because sometimes a woman just needs a new look. Actually, this was more of a practical decision. I was happy with the appearance before, but I’d been told by a number of people that my site loaded slowly. It also had other limitations. I have plans for things I’d like […]

The Many Faces of Cancer

Last Chemo

Cancer definitely takes a swipe at our self-image, especially if you’ve lost your hair from chemo. Some people take the changes in stride. As one man said: I was bald before chemo so nothing changed! For most of us, it’s a different story.  I can remember being at the grocery store, wearing my hat, when […]

A Life on Hold

Before cancer, I had plans and aspirations, goals and dreams. Dreams don’t usually happen without a “one step in front of the other” effort. Those of you who are writers will be familiar with Anne Lamott’s book, Bird by Bird, which I use as a blueprint not only for writing but for life. The crux […]