Bridge of Sighs

Picture 152

In my last post, I asked whether anyone knew where the photo on the header on my site was taken. No one knew, so here’s the big reveal. It’s the Bridge of Sighs in Venice, Italy. In the spring of 2007, I had the opportunity to go to Italy. I took this photo hanging out […]

A Facelift for My Site

Like my Hat

My site got a facelift. Because sometimes a woman just needs a new look. Actually, this was more of a practical decision. I was happy with the appearance before, but I’d been told by a number of people that my site loaded slowly. It also had other limitations. I have plans for things I’d like […]

The Many Faces of Cancer

Last Chemo

Cancer definitely takes a swipe at our self-image, especially if you’ve lost your hair from chemo. Some people take the changes in stride. As one man said: I was bald before chemo so nothing changed! For most of us, it’s a different story.  I can remember being at the grocery store, wearing my hat, when […]

A Life on Hold

Before cancer, I had plans and aspirations, goals and dreams. Dreams don’t usually happen without a “one step in front of the other” effort. Those of you who are writers will be familiar with Anne Lamott’s book, Bird by Bird, which I use as a blueprint not only for writing but for life. The crux […]

Ode to the Lost Nodes

The surgeon said he’d take just a few. The sentinel lymph nodes. But one set off the malignant alarm and before I awoke, he took the whole slew. I was glad to be alive, to have the cancer removed. But now? I miss my nodes. And I want ‘em back. Twenty-f—kin’-eight. Count ‘em if you […]

I am Not Cancer

I am not sick. I am Eileen. Eileen is my given name from birth. That label helps people to identify me and all that I am. Incidentally, I had breast cancer, but breast cancer is not me and I am not it. We had a relationship. It didn’t work out. We parted ways. I will […]


Cancer thuds like rocks hurled deep Ripples flow    I’M WOUNDED…      I’m wounded…         i’m wounded… The tale told A single-note gong Like shockwaves    I’M WOUNDED…      I’m wounded…         i’m wounded… Cried until the shrill sparrow’s call awakens a rising dulcet major chord That warbles    i’m […]

Why is healthcare like a writing desk?

While pre-existing conditions are no longer a legal basis to deny health coverage, all is far from being sweet and just in healthcare. I work in an office where the health plan is so deficient that many of the employees can’t afford to go to the doctor. While we’re insured, the effect is pretty much […]

Cancer: A Gift?

Doctors may fix us, but it is we who heal ourselves. That may involve the aid of others, but we are the ones who do the deep work of inner exploration that allows us to do what is needed to heal. I’ve been adamant that cancer is not a gift, that it’s been a curse […]

Art Petting

I’m back from Houston, Texas. It was my first time in Texas except for driving through a few years back. Having grown up on the East Coast, and now living on the West Coast, I admit that I’ve been influenced by the preconceived notions of others about other parts of the country. You know, that […]