The Anti-Cancer Club

I love the Anti-Cancer Club. That’s why when they asked me to submit my Tell Your Story post, I was more than happy to do so. Click: Cancer Kicked Mine: But I’m still here and cancer is not, if you’d like to read my story.

I recommend the Anti-Cancer Club site. It not only has the stories, but is filled with anti-cancer recipes using cancer-fighting ingredients and lots of other good things. Its emphasis is use of natural modalities to build up your immune system and help your body heal. I just made a Beet and Pear salad that I found on one of its nutrition pages. Besides nutrition, its focus is on exercise, stress management and community connection.anticancer club

The Anti-Cancer Club is one of my favorite go-to sites. I hope you enjoy it too.


  1. Eileen,

    Thank you so much for your kind words! As you know, the Anti-Cancer Club grew out of my own cancer diagnosis and my quest for information. What really constitutes and anti-cancer life? It’s a complex interaction of nutrition, mind/body modalities and social support. Every day, like millions of other cancer patients, I look to create a healthy life. Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom and helping others along their journey.

    Pat Wetzel, Founder and Member
    Anti-Cancer Club

    • Pat, my pleasure! We’re all in this together and I love promoting another’s work that is doing so much good. I felt in alignment with the Anti-Cancer Club’s approach from the moment I landed on the site. I send you my best and warmest regards.

  2. dear Eileen,

    what an incredibly well written story you wrote to share on the Anti-Cancer Club’s site. when I clicked on the link you provided, I got a message that the page could not be displayed – so I went directly to their site and found the place where people are invited to share their story – and voila – I found yours! it worked out fine because I hadn’t heard about ACC, and I so enjoyed exploring the site. i’ll be visiting it again. thank you for introducing it.

    much love,

    Karen OOxxOO

    • Karen, thanks for your kind words and for letting me know the link didn’t work. I fixed it. Glad you enjoyed Anti-Cancer Club’s site. I feel like I introduced a friend to a friend. xo

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