Strange Gifts Wrapped in Love

Pink Gift Box

Happy holidays and wishes for a healthy new year to everyone, however you choose to celebrate. This time of year is always a little strange for me because Christmas is not my custom or the religion into which I was born. Some say, “Oh, it’s just part of the overall culture.” Okay, but it’s not my […]

My Vacation from Cancer

White pizza with broccoli

I just got back from vacation to New York City and Philadelphia to visit family. I prefer to pack light when I travel, so I left cancer behind. I hardly gave cancer a thought. I barely thought of friends dying. And I definitely suffered amnesia when it came to an anti-cancer diet. I’ve been advised that my body is happiest without gluten […]

When Friends Die


Cancer brought Maxwell and I together. It also tore us apart. Maxwell died today. Peacefully, I’m told. He is now free, and freedom meant everything to Maxwell. He was as free a spirit as I’d ever met. Certainly unconventional in many respects.  The Rolling Stones song, Ruby Tuesday, makes me think of him, especially the lines (with a […]

Melissa Etheridge AARP Interview

AARP Magazine’s interview of Sheryl Crow and Melissa Etheridge kicked up quite a stir, especially concerning Melissa Etheridge. Lots of reaction, passion and vitriol. While I’m in agreement with some of it, I forewarn you that mine may be the unpopular stance. I’ll begin with what bothered me to get it out of the way. Let’s start with AARP’s […]

For My Friend Maxwell


This is for my friend Maxwell, who has Stage 4 lung cancer (never a smoker). He was very ill, but went into remission. Now he’s had a recurrence. Without going into all the details, I’ll just say he’s seen better days. He will likely read this and I hope it will buoy his spirits. Maxwell, I […]

The Blame Game


I blame a lot on cancer. Sure, cancer earned my heckling and what could be more fun than poking jabs at the Big C? It started organically, for good reasons, such as: My head pounds with another headache. Stupid cancer, and that goes for your sidekick chemo, too! I’m overwhelmingly fatigued. Thanks, Cancer. Go right ahead and do […]

Remission Blues: A Song of Crazy

Maybe I’m not officially insane, but I’ve been hanging around Crazy Town. It’s addictive, but I’m managing to claw my way out. I finished treatment in January 2011. You’d think I would’ve been paranoid all this time about a recurrence. I’d been okay for the most part, but lately, not so good. Part of it […]

The Anti-Cancer Club

anticancer club

I love the Anti-Cancer Club. That’s why when they asked me to submit my Tell Your Story post, I was more than happy to do so. Click: Cancer Kicked Mine: But I’m still here and cancer is not, if you’d like to read my story. I recommend the Anti-Cancer Club site. It not only has the stories, but is […]

Why Breast Cancer Ads Insult Men


During Pinktober, you may see ads like the one to your right, raising yet more money for “awareness” – money that goes Godknowswhere.  The copy for the ad says, “You don’t have to be a woman to participate, because who doesn’t want to support titties?”Admittedly, National No Bra Day has some of the more blatantly offensive […]

Pink: The Dark Side

pink stilettos

Pink!  A pretty color in shades that range from soft pastels to brass-band hotness often associated with females, widely used in marketing aimed at women who enjoy their femininity and men who enjoy hot women. Pink!  That adorable spawn of white and red. White is for whitewash, as in lies, coverup and deception. Red is […]

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