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Cancer Vixen by Marisa Ococella Marchetto, a cancer story told in graphics by the author, a New York Times cartoonist. This book is unique in its telling in that it chronicles the author’s cancer journey through words and illustrations. Compelling and entertaining, raw and real, with a splash of fashion and a beautiful love story. I highly recommend this book.



Cancer on $5 A Day (Chemo Not Included): How Humor Got Me Through the Toughest Journey of My Life, by Robert Schimmel, also in Kindle. Schimmel’s book had me laughing and crying. Written with humor and heart as only a comedian with cancer could do. I was so moved by how his illness ultimately transformed his standup into one that reached out to cancer patients. I love this book. Highly recommended. (Note: Robert Schimmel died 8/26/10 after being in a car accident. As for the cancer, he had kicked its butt.

The Wellness Community

The Wellness Community: Guide to Fighting for Recovery from Cancer by Harold H. Benjamin, Ph.D.

This book became somewhat of a cancer bible for me throughout cancer. It not only covers preparation for surgery, dealing with pain, or coping with chemotherapy, but also covers such matters as nutrition and sex during treatment. Not only for the body, they cover the mind/emotional connection in depth with practical tools for dealing with stress, enhancing the immune system, and even self-reflection. A positive, well-balanced book, covering all the bases.

Time on Fire: My Comedy of Terrors by Evan Handler. My review found here.

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