Why Breast Cancer Ads Insult Men


Ad from Nat’l No Bra Day 2013

During Pinktober, you may see ads like the one to your right, raising yet more money for “awareness” – money that goes Godknowswhere.  The copy for the ad says, “You don’t have to be a woman to participate, because who doesn’t want to support titties?”Admittedly, National No Bra Day has some of the more blatantly offensive ads that I’ve seen.

Breast cancer advertising has long made a mockery of the suffering of breast cancer patients by turning a horrific disease into a girls-gone-wild breast fest. There is nothing exciting, alluring or arousing about the maiming, disfigurement and debilitating illness that is breast cancer.

Pinksters, I’ll give you something to be aware of: it’s not about saving the “ta-tas” – it’s about saving lives.

Money-raising machines exploit this disease by capitalizing on the sexual appeal of breasts and cleavages to raise money that too often does little to benefit those afflicted by breast cancer.

These tactics not only objectify women – they objectify the male population who are targeted by such ads. It reduces men to nothing more than their primal instincts, as if the only way to motivate and appeal to a man’s generosity is to arouse his sexual desires. It shows an incredible lack of faith in men. If I were any intelligent, self-aware man, and there are many, I would find this type of advertising offensive.

Pinksters, you seem ignorant of a fact that women have known for ages:

The way to a man’s heart is not through his penis.

Perhaps the Pinksters are afraid that if men knew the real facts about how much goes to help patients and how much goes into the pockets of the CEOs running these “non-profit” machines, they might donate their money elsewhere. So why not blindfold a man with sexual hunger, get him aroused, send his brain on a trip down south? Get it up and put your money down. Wham bam, thank you, Man.

Pinksters, haven’t you learned? Treating men as sexual objects is not feminism triumphant – it’s stupidity in reverse.

It’s time to stop preying upon a man’s wallet by seducing him with pseudo-porn.

Let’s treat hard-working, educated, good-hearted men with the respect they deserve and stop insulting their intelligence. Have faith in a good man to discern for himself a worthy cause and a wise use of his hard-earned money. If anything, prey upon his intelligence and education with actual facts, figures and statistics. Appeal to his mind with the data and his heart with the story.

You won’t capture his heart with posters of that one-night stand whose name he can’t remember. I’ll bet the big bucks you pay for PR that your advertising team is too shallow to understand that you win a man’s heart and donation once he knows you’re talking about his mother and sister and wife and daughter, and he does not want to see his family with their tits hanging out in public.

Once you appeal to the heart, mind and soul of a man, he will rise up to be his best self, summoning up the good will and sacrifice that has made heroes out of men throughout history.

Because a man is so much more than his penis and wallet size.



  1. Love this. However, back in the spring, I read a disturbing article from Australia in which a male CEO was honest about the fact he donated because of his love for “boobies” (I’ll have to find that article). So, unfortunately, some of the money does indeed come from sexual hunger.

  2. CC, unfortunately, it is true, which is why the Pinksters resort to these kinds of ads. They work. And I don’t care what other people do, as long as you don’t hurt others. These practices hurt the people with breast cancer. Call a spade a spade. The ads and the men who are seduced by them are just another sale of soft porn goods. If those who get sucked in really understood the truth and cared, they’d give their money elsewhere where it would actually benefit real people. It’s all a big farce under the guise of “curing” cancer.

    Oh, here I go again… Anyhow, Curmudge, I always appreciate your comments and spin. Thanks for reading.

  3. dear Eileen,

    another amazing post, written with a point of view we don’t often see about how this sort of campaign counts on the coffers being filled by men who respond with their peckers. I love that you pointed out how partners, husbands, fathers, sons, et. al, those who love a woman who has been scarred forever, physically, emotionally, mentally to their core most likely would be terribly offended and hurt on behalf of their loved ones. “…girls gone wild breast fest…” indeed.

    much love,
    Karen xxoo

    • Thanks for commenting, Karen. I’m certain Hugh would have been offended on behalf of you. Of course, he had fit into the category of good, intelligent and self-aware men who would have known better. xoxo

  4. I. Love. This. Post.

  5. Perfectly said and insightful. Our culture demeans women AND men through these tasteless ads. Wonderful post!

  6. Yes, Beth, it seems some can’t stoop low enough when it comes to pickpocketing our money. Okay, it’s not exactly pickpocketing, but the lengths to which advertisers go seems to be a bottomless pit.

  7. It’s a sad reflection on a tainted media machine that takes the most primitive human thoughts and recasts them as a means to fund ‘a good cause.’ There are lots of good causes in the world and cancer is definitely one of them but our candy coated reality can’t cope with mutilated torsos, fungating tumours and people who are obviously close to death. I wonder when, or if, we will ever be mature enough to see and say it as it is and then have the compassion to refocus serious spending on things that really matter?

    • Tracy, sadly, I don’t think that day will come, at least not any time soon. In the meantime, I’m so pinked out, maybe I’ll hibernate next October.


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