Let’s Build A Wall

What if we built a wall? Make no mistake. I’m do not mean 45’s wall, but before I go there, let me back up. Like all of us, I’m saddened at the passing of Scorchy Barrington (The Sarcastic Boob), who died November 15. Beth Caldwell (Cult of Perfect Motherhood) died November 2. These are just November’s breast cancer […]

Anti-Cancer Club Book Talk #cancerbookclub

If you’re not familiar with the Anti-Cancer Club, I hope you will be. It’s a wonderful resource for cancer patients and survivors. One Sunday a month, the Anti-Cancer Club sponsors a book club via video chat featuring cancer-related books. The software allows you to choose whether to be visually and/or audio hidden, just in case you’re […]

Does This Illness Make Me Look Broken?

Dear Fixer: Does this illness make me look broken? I only ask because I see you’d like to fix me. I know, I know. You care. And fixing me makes you feel useful and keeps you from fixating on your own brokenness. The thing is, when I see you rush toward me with that multi-tiered toolbox, I […]

Healthcare and the Elections

For the last few months, I haven’t felt well. I’ve been extremely fatigued. Just abnormally exhausted. Long story short, my thyroid medication was increased and that definitely helped, but it’s not the whole answer. I’ve been fatigued to varying degrees since cancer, but now I’m going backward. I haven’t been to an oncologist in more than […]

Forgiving the Clueless

I’ve long been a proponent of no-fault cancer. I grappled with this when first diagnosed. I wondered what I did wrong. I poked and prodded until I came to certain conclusions. I’ve never asked that question again. I do have memories, though, of people who provoked such questioning. Recently I was reminded of Jen, a co-worker’s wife, who […]

“If I Die” Lists

The other night, I awoke at 3 AM with throbbing pain that radiated from the surgery site up to the top of my head. I thought: Am I having a heart attack? Am I dying? It was unlike any pain I’d had before so my mind went … there. I wondered how long it would take […]

Attitude About Platitudes

Since then, at an uncertain hour, That agony returns: And till my ghastly tale is told, This heart within me burns.       –Samuel Taylor Coleridge, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner These last few weeks, I’ve noticed an onslaught of judgment on social media where cancer patients, including those who are metastatic, have been slammed for being […]

Does God Give More Than We Can Handle?

Cliche: A phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought. Cliche of the Day: God never gives you more than you can handle. Is that true? And is God even responsible for our adversity? A Thoughtful Response Let’s start with the assumption that God bears full responsibility for everything that happens to us […]

The Eat Pray Love of Cancer

In follow-up to my Mythical Cancer Survivor post, there’s a similar phenomenon that’s not so much mythical as it is rare: the Eat Pray Love Survivor. After treatment and landing in the NED zone, this person trades in her old life for a complete makeover. She quits her soul-sucking job, moves to a beautiful island with occasional world travel to bask in […]

Bad Things Happen to Good People

A co-worker’s son is seriously ill with a rare disease. Three surgeries later, he’s in the ICU with unexpected complications. When his mother was last in the office, she said, “He’s a really good person. He has all that good karma so that should help him get better and not be a statistic, right?” I nodded my […]

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