Survivors and the Holocaust

Yesterday was Holocaust Rembrance Day. I’m reposting from three years ago, but first this excerpt from Elie Wiesel from his book, Open Heart, which he wrote after having heart surgery: Illness may diminish me, but it will not destroy me. I don’t believe Mr. Wiesel referred to his physical body when he said it would not […]

Hawaii Move, Part 2: Beyond Survival

Imagine. Getting away from it all. Moving to an island in the middle of the Pacific. Starting over. Some of you may dream of it, but offered the chance to do it, would you? I know it wouldn’t appeal to many, especially those who have family, long-time friends, and solid jobs right where they are, […]

The Laughing Heart by Charles Bukowski #NationalPoetryMonth

In honor of National Poetry Month, I’m sharing one of my favorite poems, The Laughing Heart, by Charles Bukowski. This poem was pinned to my refrigerator to inspire me to stay alert to the time when “the gods will offer you chances.” I knew I needed a change, especially post-cancer when my compromised energy left little […]

Post-Election Self Care

Feeling stressed out since the election? I know I am. Emotions run high on all sides of the political spectrum. Facebook and other social media feel like venting pots for anger, grief, and blame. Petitions and calls to action fill my inbox. Voicing our concerns and indignation is important, but I’ve had to pull back. […]

Burn-Out and Vacation

It’s no secret I’ve been burned out, plagued by exhaustion, struggling through work while coping with CFIDS, which I’m certain was triggered by the trauma of cancer and all the other falling apart of life as I’d known it. In other words, the collateral damage. Relief is on its way. I’m going on a long-needed two-week vacation. […]

Fatigue, Pain and Quiet

I needed a break from my blog, but I miss writing. I miss continuing the book that is my work-in -progress. I feel so brain dead much of the time. Actually, I hear my coherent thoughts, ideas and inspiration, but mostly don’t have the energy to execute them in a way that’s all that interesting. I decided to write […]

Survivors, Suffering and Suicide

Last week there was some stir about a post on Metavivor that stated breast cancer survivors “have a medical year to endure and life goes back to normal.” The article stated that the early stager’s problems pale next to the metastatic patient (yes, absolutely true), but then goes on to describe the survivor’s problem as fear […]

Hair and Other Waking Things

Insane, I know, but after a long slumber, my hair woke up. Five years after my last chemo, new hair is growing back, again. Of course, it grew back earlier on. I posted a photo journal here. Apparently I’m not done. Around Thanksgiving five years ago, I had the last drip of Taxol that would signal the […]

New Year Healing

I’m not a particularly religious person, but I do enjoy services on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. This year, as the rabbi went through the service and the congregants followed in prayer books, we heard the same familiar words recited every new year, but when we came to the prayer known as the Shehecheyanu, I had a moment […]

How Old Do You Feel?

And I will never grow so old again. — Van Morrison, Sweet Thing I’ve been part of a dance community for 20-plus years. Back in the day, we would say: I’m always going to dance, even when I’m old. It keeps you young. There was an implied belief that if you just keep dancing, you will defy the process of aging and […]

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