Forgiving the Clueless

I’ve long been a proponent of no-fault cancer. I grappled with this when first diagnosed. I wondered what I did wrong. I poked and prodded until I came to certain conclusions. I’ve never asked that question again. I do have memories, though, of people who provoked such questioning. Recently I was reminded of Jen, a co-worker’s wife, who […]

Strange Gifts Wrapped in Love

Happy holidays and wishes for a healthy new year to everyone, however you choose to celebrate. This time of year is always a little strange for me because Christmas is not my custom or the religion into which I was born. Some say, “Oh, it’s just part of the overall culture.” Okay, but it’s not my […]

The Blame Game

I blame a lot on cancer. Sure, cancer earned my heckling and what could be more fun than poking jabs at the Big C? It started organically, for good reasons, such as: My head pounds with another headache. Stupid cancer, and that goes for your sidekick chemo, too! I’m overwhelmingly fatigued. Thanks, Cancer. Go right ahead and do […]

Affirm Life

I don’t remember when depression seeped in, but it definitely hit hard with the cessation of treatment. My friends assumed I was ready to pick up where I’d left off. In truth, body and soul bore the scars of trauma. To make matters worse, the grenade that cancer hurled at my body boomeranged and exploded […]

Cancer: A Gift?

Doctors may fix us, but it is we who heal ourselves. That may involve the aid of others, but we are the ones who do the deep work of inner exploration that allows us to do what is needed to heal. I’ve been adamant that cancer is not a gift, that it’s been a curse […]

Love Life Project: Game Rules

I’ve mentioned turning a corner in my blog and starting my I Love Life Project. Let me reassure you that the rants will still come on an as-needed basis and that no matter what I post, it will always be based in honesty, as has been one of the hallmarks of my blog. I also […]

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