Unsolicited Advice

You know the annoying unsolicited advice you get when you’re diagnosed with cancer? Here I am, more than six years out from treatment and I still have people email me, this time for their friends. They want to know if I can steer them toward internet links and resources for their friends who just got […]

Mental Illness: Not a Joke #mhblogday

In honor of Mental Health Blogging Day, I’m going to veer from my usual cancer-related posts and tell you a story that left a deep mark on me. Many years ago, I loved a good and gentle man named David. Beautiful inside and out, he was intelligent, talented and had a good sense of humor. […]

Platitudes and Privilege

Life isn’t about waiting for storms to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain. Beautiful sentiment, yes? Sure, until you reach your tipping point. Until experience extends beyond the place these sentiments can reach and their wisdom is reduced to empty-caloric, sugar-coated babble. My friend tossed me this platitude recently.* She emailed to ask how I was. My reply included a […]

Forgiving the Clueless

I’ve long been a proponent of no-fault cancer. I grappled with this when first diagnosed. I wondered what I did wrong. I poked and prodded until I came to certain conclusions. I’ve never asked that question again. I do have memories, though, of people who provoked such questioning. Recently I was reminded of Jen, a co-worker’s wife, who […]

In Love

I drive down a windy back road with rolling hills.  Wildflowers dot the landscape like fluffy balls of white and yellow popcorn. I am in love. The neighborhood cat waits expectantly when I arrive home. He brushes against my legs, gazing up with puppy eyes that tell me: I may be a cat, but I love like […]

500 Dates by Mark Miller (A book review)

Let me say from the start that 500 Dates by Mark Miller has nothing to do with cancer. Its 55 essays explore the dating world of single adults with heart, humor and insight. But stay with me and I’m betting you’ll laugh. Out loud. And hard. That’s because Mark is a funny man. And I should know. I […]

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