Post-Election Self Care

Feeling stressed out since the election? I know I am. Emotions run high on all sides of the political spectrum. Facebook and other social media feel like venting pots for anger, grief, and blame. Petitions and calls to action fill my inbox. Voicing our concerns and indignation is important, but I’ve had to pull back. […]

2013: An End of the Year Review

2013 was hardly the best of times, but not the worst either. Here’s a recap of the highlights and low points that punctuate my 2013. One year ago, a blog was born. I named it Woman in the Hat, although the only time I’ve worn hats was when I was stripped bald by chemo. I […]

Coming soon…

I had started one of my sillier posts, but it’ll have to get in line behind another, more serious topic. After reading a few comments on other sites about unsupportive, hurtful marriages and intimate relationships during cancer, I knew I not only had to write about my own experience, but that I was ready to […]

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