No Good Cancer

While my heart goes out to anyone afflicted with cancer, I can’t help but cringe at this ad. The Pink Ribbon crap seems to have duped the public, even other segments of the cancer community, into believing those with breast cancer don’t suffer or die like those with other cancers. There’s also the misconception that the funds generated by the Royal Pinkness have actually made a difference in breast cancer survival rates or funding of cancer treatment, not just routine mammograms. I hate all cancers, but I so wish there was no such thing as “cancer envy.” The grass is not greener on the other side. It’s not even pink.


  1. “duped the public’, well said.

  2. Pink has fooled everyone.

  3. Brilliant. Yes, pink washing has certainly “duped the public.” So well-said. I wrote a post about this ad, too:

  4. dear Eileen,

    the ramifications of the PCA ad are sobering, especially concerning the backlash towards pink washing. i wonder how Komen is reacting? i wonder if it will be sobering to them. my guess is not so much – probably business as usual, just flying below the radar until all the hoopla blows over. so sad…seems like a timely opportunity to face the truth about how they portray BC, or don’t, when it comes to metastatic BC.

    much love and light,

    Karen xoxo

  5. I think your point about the duping is a very important one. There’s a lot to cringe about in this whole mess. Like I said before, the whole thing just makes me sad.

  6. Karen, I think Komen may see this as a good thing. It will support its premise that, “Yes! Breast cancer is under control with early detection and all the glorious funds we’ve raised.”

  7. Eileen, I think you are probably right. make me nauseous, but then again, it fit’s right into their agenda.

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