Good Times, Bad Times

There are days, and then there are days. I’m having one of those, but I promised myself I’d write on a regular basis and be honest with my readers. If I write only when I’m up, that’s a great way to alienate the very people I care about reaching. I believe in trying to maintain a positive mindset and by nature, I am a cup-half-full person. However, that does not mean lying to yourself when you have a bad day. It’s important to be honest with yourself and deal with what bugs you truthfully. Otherwise, you’re just sweeping the dirt under the rug and pretending it’s not there. Staring your stuff straight in the face is the only way to sweep it up and out.

Today, my body feels out of whack. My sleep was off and to make matters worse, I slipped in the rain and fell flat on my back. I’m feeling it… When I’m tired or don’t feel well, I tend to don brown-stained lenses through which I view my whole world. At least I realize I’m wearing glasses  that skew my perception. That’s probably 50% of getting through.

These days, many people are big on a gratitude kick. I actually think it’s a great thing and am also a proponent. But sometimes when you’re really deep in the muck, when you’re not just having a bad day, but feel you’re having a bad life, listing three things you’re grateful for doesn’t always cut it.

I know the self-soothing techniques that work for me, such as listening to music, walking in nature, etc. Beyond that, you just have to remind yourself that this is just a day, a week, a period of time. It’ll pass because everything does. Change is a given and you’ll get past it. Even when your outer circumstances seem stagnant or fixed, the way you feel can fluctuate greatly.

Here’s a short poem I wrote some time ago. For some reason, it comforts me:

Better Days

Better days will surely come.

Just as soon

as I finish


for eternity



Don’t you love a poem shaped like a uterus?


  1. Really appreciate the honesty of your post and nothing is more true than the line “If I write only when I’m up, that’s a great way to alienate the very people I care about reaching”. It’s very true. Now I know for certain that you are human and just like the rest of us. Thank you for being vulnerable and human and waiting for eternity to end.

  2. I tried being a robot, but the metal got in the way. Too clunky. Glad to be in my skin, even with its flaws.

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