Hats & Scarves & Wigs Oh My!

While I was bald, I usually wore hats, but also wore my wig whenever I felt the need to look more like me, not the bald lady who stared back from the mirror. I loved my wig, but it was uncomfortable after about an hour. Someone suggested I buy a Comfy Grip, which is basically a gel strip that attaches around your head, fastened with velcro, underneath your wig. I couldn’t believe the difference as I was able to go several hours comfortably.


Comfy Grip

INTIMATE IMAGE aka Best Wig Shop Ever!

For my wig, I shopped at Intimate Image in Woodland Hills, California. They also have the cutest selection of hats. I had a few hats, but what I bought there was by far the prettiest, and reasonably priced, too. They also have gorgeous scarves if that’s your preference. If you need cancer accessories and live in the Los Angeles area, I can’t recommend Intimate Image more highly. The women who run the shop are breast cancer survivors. They’re sensitive, patient, and take their time in helping you find the right wig. Terrye is adept at haircutting and styling, so if your wig needs alterations, such as layering or bangs, she can do it. They also have prostheses, bras, and even attractive lingerie. I also got fitted for and bought my lymphedema sleeve there and while there, Terrye adjusted the elastic in my wig to fit more comfortably. I’m not sure why I didn’t think of that option sooner. The photo below is the image on its website, which is how it really looks, except it’s even more lovely in person, just like the staff.

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