Hawaii Move, Part 1

Big changes are about to happen in my life. It’s no secret. You already know from this post’s title that I’m moving to Hawaii. I’ll be on the island of Kauai, which I posted about last year.

It seems ironic that this would be happening to me. It wasn’t that long ago I wrote a post about the Eat Pray Love Survivor. Basically, this person makes huge sweeping changes after surviving cancer, such as leaving a life-sucking job and moving to a gorgeous island, resolving to enjoy and simplify life. No one wants to be the Exist Drudge Moan Survivor. And yet, it’s not reality for most of us who don’t have the resources to make major changes. Many do not want such changes anyhow. They’re happy just to have their old lives back, as they should be.

I never imagined I’d move to a tropical island, even if it was a fantasy. On one important level, it’s easier for me than most people. I don’t have any family in the SF Bay Area where I am now. While there’s much to appreciate here, I’m not attached to the area. With the burgeoning rents and housing market, I’ve always known I’d have to leave.

My son and his wife — and my grandson who will be born in August! — live on Kauai. I will have family — and my grandson who will be born in August! Can you tell I’m excited about being a grandmother?

Fatigue has been my constant companion since cancer treatment. It’s the reason I’ve been all but absent from my blog. Oh, I have my good and bad days, but it’s gotten worse in the last couple of years.  I work full-time as a paralegal. Fortunately, I like and enjoy my co-workers because I have little energy over the weekend to engage with others. Often I’d fantasize about quitting the drudgery and moving to an island where I could get me back. It’s not that I lost me. It would actually simplify things if I could just lift the cushions or look behind the couch and discover myself. Oh, there you are, old friend! Come back inside and let’s get on with life.

It’s about quality of life vs. existing from day to day. One aspect of me that I don’t see in most people is that I love and embrace change. To me, change feels like an adventure into new places I haven’t been before. It’s inherent in my nature. While I may not experience the resistance to change that plagues many people, the downside is I haven’t had the strong roots that many people enjoy, and there are definite perks for staying rooted in one place whether it be a city, job, or relationships.

A friend of mine from L.A. moved to Hawaii several years ago. When I visited last fall, she mentioned how people say how lucky she is to live in Hawaii. She said, “I’m not lucky. It was hard work.” I agree. It takes hard work and much planning to move to the island, even more so than within the mainland. There are things to consider that don’t come into play in other moves, but I do think there’s also an element of luck too, at least speaking for myself. There’s an opportunity that comes at a particular moment that calls for a decision. This is what happened to me.

The move date is April 15. The upcoming posts will elaborate on my journey from here to there and some of the practical ways I’m making it happen. Join me!


  1. Oh that’s wonderful, Eileen! Just being somewhere so beautiful has to be good for body and souls! And mazel-tov on the upcoming grandmaness. I’ve heard that it’s one life experience that isn’t overrated! Lots of love, A P.S> The tricky part is gonna be all that packing and schlepping and unpacking.

  2. Carol Lamb says:

    Eileen…I am so happy for you! For some reason, this brought tears to my eyes…of joy. You will love having a Grandchild & I pray you find rest, peace, and lots of fun family time there! So happy for you.

  3. Robin Friedman says:

    Gadzooks, Eileen! How utterly fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Eileen, I am so happy for you and glad you are embracing change. Wow! And I heartily recommend the grandmother thing! I will follow your progress through the move. Sending lots of love from Frank and me!

  5. I knew it! I just knew you’d be moving there after visiting your son. And how terrific you’re going to be a grandma! You will love, love, love it. And him. Guaranteed. I couldn’t be happier for you. You deserve to have all the best that life can offer. I’m thrilled for you!

  6. Oh my goodness, Eileen, please take me with you!! Sending you double Congratulations for the wonderful news. I am very excited for you. Your story inspires me. I have a hunger for change and would love to see something happen for me this year (something positive, of course). I’ve been under too much stress the last year and I so much would love to welcome some changes. I am so glad an opportunity presented itself for you and that you’re taking it. I am sure a lot of positive things will come from this. I can’t wait to hear all about it. Super happy for you, my friend! xoxo

    • Thanks, Rebecca! Keep in mind this is the type of change I’ve longed to make for some time now, but only now is it becoming a reality. Keep dreaming your dreams, keep them specific so your action, research and intentions will be directed, and hopefully your good changes will happen too. xoxo

  7. I am happy for you being near your new grandchild and Daniel and your daughter in law. Good luck to you I am sure they love you coming too! Have fun and enyoy your life!

  8. I am sooo excited for you – not just moving to Hawaii.. you lucky duck.. but the joy of being close to your first grandson too. Wishing you all the happiness you so richly deserve in your new life xxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. nancyspoint says:

    Hi Eileen,
    Wow, this is exciting news! A big move and becoming a grandmother, too. I am very happy for you. That April 15 move date will be here soon. Looking forward to reading all your updates and hoping things go as smoothly as possible. Thank you for taking us “with you” on your new adventures. xo

  10. Fabulous, Eileen! Sounds like a wonderful adventure. Didn’t know Daniel lived there, too. Didn’t think there were any Jews there. Added bonus: You’ll be as far away from Trump as possible and still be in America. Wow, Kauai! But what are you going to have to look forward to now when you get to heaven?

    • Mark, there are indeed Jews in Kauai. Even a Kauai JCC. We’re everywhere! As for the heaven problem, I’ll deal with it, if I must. I’m strong that way.

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