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Nothing like a cold January day to motivate me to finally post my vacation photos. To recap, I spent two weeks in Hawaii in September/October. First, I spent two days in Oahu visiting friends. The rest I spent in Kauai where my son and his wife now live. First, here’s me with my son and daughter-in-law.

My son, his wife, and me


I loved Waimea Canyon. It’s often referred to as the Grand Canyon of Hawaii.


Waimea Canyon




In California, we have a lot of beautiful plants and flowers, many of which are in Hawaii, but never have I ever seen polka-dotted leaves before. These were just growing alongside my son’s house. Aren’t they beautiful?

Polka-dotted leaves

Love these hanging fluted flowers.

They’re different. I like ’em! 

The first sunset was from the first night of the trip; the second from my last night. A fitting way to say hello and goodbye.


First day’s sunset. How’s that for Aloha?


Saying goodbye

I spent a lot of time at the beach.

Lots of eye candy found on the Na’Pali Coast.

na'pali-coastna-pali coastna'pali-coast

It was so hard to leave Paradise. I’ll be back …


  1. nancyspoint says:

    Hi Eileen,
    Your photos are stunning. I am so glad you had the chance to take this vacation. Hope you came back feeling rejuvenated. If only we could bottle that feeling and/or make it last, right? Thank you for sharing the photos. Just what I needed to see on this sub-zero winter day. Happy New Year! May 2017 be kind to you. May it be kind to us all. xx

    • Nancy, I did come back totally rejuvenated, but lost that feeling in no time. So it goes. And I’ve been told about those sub-zero winter days in your part of the country. My boss is from Wisconsin and likes to remind me what cold really looks like. A healthy new year to you and your family. Yes, may it be kind to us all.

  2. Not half bad.

  3. Eileen, these photos are amazing! I’ve always wanted to visit but other plans always get in my way of having real fun. Love the Polka-dotted leaves, the sunsets, and all the beautiful nature. And can I also say…you look so young and rejuvenated! Not saying you didn’t before, but there is a new side to it I see. Glad you had a chance to escape and enjoy yourself. These photos just inspired me to plan my next vacation. Have a Happy and Healthy New Year, my friend! xo

    • Rebecca, I felt totally rejuvenated, like I had my old self back. Of course, it didn’t last once I got back, but that’s how it goes. I think planning a vacation is a great idea, even if you can’t go any time soon. It gives you something special to look forward to. I think that’s really important. It’s like investing in life, or something along those lines. Wishing you a happy, healthy new year and a great escape in your near future. xo

  4. Beautiful! I love Kauai! Spent a week there. Magical!

  5. Lovely photos! What a gorgeous place.

    Those hanging fluted flowers are called Datura (Angel’s Trumpet) and my son in SoCal has one in his backyard. After he’d pruned it back one day, he happened to look in the mirror in the bathroom and noticed the pupil in one of his eyes was dilated while the other was normal. Rushed to the doctor and found out the Datura oozes a substance that is similar to what ophthalmologists use to dilate pupils for an exam. He must have gotten some on his fingers and accidentally rubbed his eye. Now he’s more careful when pruning. 🙂


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