Last Minute Gift for Sick People

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all who celebrate.

If you’re going nuts scrambling for that last-minute gift, here’s a suggestion. I just received this Hanukkah gift from my daughter.

This seems a perfectly lovely gift for a cancer patient, caregivers, or anyone who’s sick. Even sick of life. As the ad says, “Release your anger by coloring.” Why not? And if you’re not comfortable with swear words, the memos are surrounded by adorable little critters, which softens things. Who can fault a smiling, bucktoothed raccoon?

Happy holidays!


  1. Looks interesting– Will it help me not be sick all the time- & not have to work sick all the time?

    • Unfortunately, no. If it could, I’d have colored my way to freedom. Far as I can tell, a sudden financial windfall or death would both succeed in achieving that end. 🙂

  2. HA! Happy Hanukkah Eileen, let’s hope 2017 sucks a lot less that 16. Lots of love, A

  3. Happy Holidays to you, Eileen! Thank you for the gift idea. I like it. I’ve been looking into coloring again as it relaxes me. But the one you’re sharing about sounds like a lot of fun. I’ll probably get my own copy. xo

  4. Hah!! Love it! I hope the new year is kinder to you. Wishing you peace and energy (!!) and comfort, Eileen. xo, Kathi

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