In Memory of Karen Sutherland

It’s been said that one of the hardest parts of growing old is watching your friends die. The same could be said for cancer patients because we lose so many.

On June 15, Karen Sutherland died. Many of you know her as “Karen, TC” for that is how she signed her comments on our blogs. Karen, The Commenter.

Many got to know Karen outside of our blogs either through emails, phone calls and perhaps some met her in person who were local to her. She and I thought we might meet someday because her sister lived close to me, but unfortunately it never happened.

I, along with many of you, feel so sad. I looked through the comments Karen left on my blog to find one that typified her empathy, thoughtfulness and loving spirit. I chose to share the one below where she commented on my post about my friend Maxwell before he died. He was very ill and I asked my readers to write an encouraging comment for him, knowing that he read my blog. As always, Karen rose to the occasion.

dear Maxwell,

I am sending you my most powerful juju, and am holding you up into the shiniest bright light of hope and comfort and resilience. and even though I don’t know you, it doesn’t matter at all. what matters is what is in our hearts that help us to be connected with compassion, with empathy, and with our desire to do what we can to let one another know we care and that we are not alone.


Karen xo

dear Karen, we hold you up in the shiniest bright light where all the love you put forth in this life will surely envelop you in the next. love, Eileen xo


  1. <3

  2. dglassme says:

    Yes, it will envelop her <3

  3. that is so sad. Thank you for sharing the news

  4. nancyspoint says:

    Thank you for this, Eileen. Karen was very special and will be dearly missed. xo

  5. Eileen that’s wonderful tribute for your good friend! You have my deepest sympathy~Your friend forever, Jory.

  6. Xoxox

  7. in loving memory Xox

  8. I am so sorry to hear this sad news. A comment by Karen TC, either on my own blog or one I was reading, was always, always a pleasure. Her all-lowercase comments reminded me of the beloved poet ee cummings,and like him, Karen TC employed such a personal style. Every comment she made was overflowing with love, compassion, and light. She made such a kind impression and will be sorely missed. Thank you, Eileen, for highlighting sweet Karen.

  9. Karen was a shining light in our community. Though not a blogger, I always called her our honorary blogger – a vital spoke in our community wheel. I don’t think there is a blogger among us who hasn’t been touched by Karen’s kind and compassionate words. We will all miss her gentle goodness so much.

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