No One Thing

If there’s one thing that’s certain, there’s no one thing that’s responsible for one’s healing. While a particular act may significantly contribute toward healing, nothing is a “get healed quick” anecdote. Being proactive toward your own healing will take you further along in the trek toward wellness, but nothing is instantaneous. It’s a process, an upward climb, a trek. I like to picture myself hiking in the mountains — something I love to do actually — and I picture the various trails and paths that lead toward healing. One step at a time.

On a physical level, the two most important things for me have been exercise and nutrition. Exercise is tricky because during treatment and the weeks or months following, I didn’t have the energy to do what used to be my routine. I did what I could.

Pre-cancer, I’d folk dance, hike and walk. I’m not a gym person. For me, exercise is something that’s done under the guise of having fun. It has to be enjoyable or I’m not going to stick with it. I’m back to doing these things now. Initially, I’d just walk, every single day. Even if just a little bit. Adding dance back has made a huge difference, although initially I’d suffer from “dance hangover” the day following. That’s what I get for doing the hard stuff.


  1. Yes, movement and exercise can help the recovery. I started to walk throughout my treatments but only on the ‘good days’. And I got hooked. I walked and walked until I got blisters on my feet but I felt so good, and more importantly purposeful. Thank you for your site. This is such an important issue. Love the subtitle.

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