Relationships with Cancer (double entendre intended)

First, the disclaimer: I understand every relationship has its ups and downs. I always advocate working through the tough times and attempting to heal a rough patch. A good relationship will go through its difficult cycles even without extraordinary stressors such as cancer, but many are able to get through it, and move on together […]

Coming soon…

I had started one of my sillier posts, but it’ll have to get in line behind another, more serious topic. After reading a few comments on other sites about unsupportive, hurtful marriages and intimate relationships during cancer, I knew I not only had to write about my own experience, but that I was ready to […]

People Profiles: Diane, Woman of Strength

One of the nicest by-products of blogging is connecting online with others who have been similarly afflicted with cancer. We commiserate; we share; we bond. There’s a sense of knowing that doesn’t need an abundance of words to communicate the varied yet common experiences we’ve endured. Occasionally, geography allows us to cross paths in the […]

No-Fault Cancer, Pt. 2: Why we get cancer

Why do we get cancer? Wish I knew. You would’ve thought me a fraud if I pretended to know, but so as not to disappoint, part of the “why” was covered in Part 1. “We’re human; shit happens.” That’s a reasonable explanation to me. And that’s LIFE. Because being alive and living is to accumulate […]

Update and Repost: Lovers’ Quarrel with WordPress

Recently, I started a new job. It’s the first fulltime job I’ve had since cancer. I’m in a period of adjustment and as a result to the blog, I’m not posting as soon as I would have liked. I don’t know why at this point, two years post-treatment, that I’m still so fatigued. I had […]

No-Fault Cancer, Pt. 1: Why we don’t get cancer

This is a hard post to write because of how it might be misconstrued in a public forum, but after reading what I have read online lately, I’m certain a number of people will welcome this rant. Have you ever been made to feel that getting cancer was your fault? Has anyone suggested if you’d […]

Hair-Raising Conundrum

It’s a rhetorical question really, not requiring anything more than a shake of the head and a bit of wonder. I can’t figure out why I continue to keep a razor in the shower when I no longer need to shave. Not since chemo. Yes, the hair on my head grew back, even if a […]


I started this blog two months ago as I embarked on a journey to improve my health and stamina after cancer treatment. The blog evolved into what I love doing best, which is to write articles that provoke thought and/or laughter. I write about myself only as much as I feel my experiences and emotions […]

Abducted by Aliens

My life was humming along without much drama when I got the call. Oh, sure, the doctor said it was breast cancer, but something got lost in the translation that turned so other worldly. At the risk of sounding like a drugstore tabloid, the diagnosis was nothing but a guise that led to a full-scale […]

Beauty of Sadness

Despite the anti-nausea meds given the morning of my first chemo and the prescription taken afterwards, that evening brought on vomiting unlike anything I’d experienced before, nor would I experience again. With the introduction of Adriamycin and Cytoxin into my bloodstream, my body reacted like a resistant toddler stamping her feet while screaming “NO!” Fortunately, […]

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