Let’s Build A Wall

What if we built a wall? Make no mistake. I’m do not mean 45’s wall, but before I go there, let me back up. Like all of us, I’m saddened at the passing of Scorchy Barrington (The Sarcastic Boob), who died November 15. Beth Caldwell (Cult of Perfect Motherhood) died November 2. These are just November’s breast cancer […]

Words and Images

You know you’re a writer when you get the written results of your mammogram and the first thing you spot is a grammatical error: We are pleased to let you know that the results of your recent breast imaging examination on 6/30/16 shows no sign of breast cancer. Um, don’t you mean “show”? Not to make […]

Pink: The Dark Side #rethinkpink

Pink!  A pretty color in shades that range from soft pastels to brass-band hotness often associated with females, widely used in marketing aimed at women who enjoy their femininity and men who enjoy hot women. Pink!  That adorable spawn of white and red. White is for whitewash, as in lies, coverup and deception. Red is […]

Survivor: An Inconvenient Label

Did you know June 7 is National Cancer Survivors Day? Being alive after cancer is worthy of a celebration any day. Just tread lightly when using “survivor” in a sentence. Anyone who’s been around Cancertown for any length of time knows “survivor” is rife with conflict for many, uh … survivors. You never know if and when a […]

Five Year Survival…But Who’s Counting?

It’s right about the five-year mark for when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. While I’m grateful to be alive, I see no need to celebrate as if I’d hit a milestone. I know many have had recurrences within the five-year mark and, sadly, are not with us any longer. I just understand that I’m never out […]

Why Breast Cancer Ads Insult Men

During Pinktober, you may see ads like the one to your right, raising yet more money for “awareness” – money that goes Godknowswhere.  The copy for the ad says, “You don’t have to be a woman to participate, because who doesn’t want to support titties?”Admittedly, National No Bra Day has some of the more blatantly offensive […]

Ode to the Lost Nodes

The surgeon said he’d take just a few. The sentinel lymph nodes. But one set off the malignant alarm and before I awoke, he took the whole slew. I was glad to be alive, to have the cancer removed. But now? I miss my nodes. And I want ‘em back. Twenty-f—kin’-eight. Count ‘em if you […]

I am Not Cancer

I am not sick. I am Eileen. Eileen is my given name from birth. That label helps people to identify me and all that I am. Incidentally, I had breast cancer, but breast cancer is not me and I am not it. We had a relationship. It didn’t work out. We parted ways. I will […]

No Good Cancer

While my heart goes out to anyone afflicted with cancer, I can’t help but cringe at this ad. The Pink Ribbon crap seems to have duped the public, even other segments of the cancer community, into believing those with breast cancer don’t suffer or die like those with other cancers. There’s also the misconception that […]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month or Why October Gives me the Dry Heaves

    I said I wouldn’t do it. Wouldn’t post about Breast Cancer Awareness Month because I find Pinktober to be repugnant. I recoil at the merchandising and profiting off the backs of the vulnerable and ill. I wince at photos of smiling, scarfed women in pink T-shirts, walking the pink walk who unknowingly stuff […]

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