“If I Die” Lists

The other night, I awoke at 3 AM with throbbing pain that radiated from the surgery site up to the top of my head. I thought: Am I having a heart attack? Am I dying? It was unlike any pain I’d had before so my mind went … there. I wondered how long it would take […]

Repost: On Finding out Craig Had Metastatic Cancer

My friend Craig was diagnosed with cancer about the same time as me. Unlike me, his cancer was metastatic, having spread to other parts of his body. Before I moved from L.A., he and I got together along with his little boy. I quickly realized that while we shared some commonalities, his experience varied from […]

Tribute to a Special Dad – Repost from 2013

Another Father’s Day is here. The sun shines. The birds chirp. The smell of barbecue wafts through the air. It’s a great day to celebrate fatherhood, to honor all those good men who have invested their love and energy into raising children, even those who did not contribute biologically but have loved and raised others […]

Of Life and Battles

I’m deeply saddened to learn that Lisa Bonchek Adams passed away last night. Anyone who has read her blog knows of her beautiful prose, the love for her husband and children, and the honest no-sugar-coated way she chronicled the disease to which she ultimately succumbed. A lot of people in the cancer community detest the word “battle” when used […]

Memorial for Maxwell

You may have read my post about my friend Maxwell, who died from cancer last November. On Saturday, I went to a memorial for him attended by roughly 30 of his friends. A friend of mine accompanied me, but otherwise, I didn’t know the others in the room, nor did most of them know each other. We were brought […]

Myth of Immortality and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves

It buds in youth, reaching full bloom among the soil of teenage angst. Belief in our own immortality shines brightly even in adulthood. Sure, death happens – to really old people. Pre-cancer, I made statements like, “I’ll never stop dancing, even when I’m old.” Healthy people often say, “If you just keep [running, working out, […]

In Memory of Mom 1933-2013

On October 26, my mother passed away. She was 80 years old, but had been relatively healthy and independent. Her sudden death left my family in shock. My father had passed away nearly 23 years ago from cancer. Not a day had gone by that my mother didn’t feel a deep sense of loss. My […]

Riders on the Storm

While I often write humorous posts, this isn’t one of them. There’s a place for humor, a time to laugh at ourselves, but for me, today isn’t that day. I’m sick of people dying; overwhelmed by news that cancer gunned down yet another person. Last week, our very own Karen, “The Commenter,” lost her dear […]

Life and Death as Told by a Dog

If you’ve ever heard the words “You have cancer,” at one point or another, you likely entertained the possibility of death, or even accepted it as a guarantee sooner rather than later. “Lifesaving” medicine may have brought you to your knees, wishing for death if only to escape. I had moments where I felt so […]

Tale of Two Cancers

Flashback to the spring of 1990. My mother had just turned 57. After a routine mammogram, she received the gift of a diagnosis that saved her life — ductal carcinoma in situ, which is to say, cancer confined to one of the ducts in her breast that was not invasive. In fact, the lump was […]

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