Relationships with Cancer (double entendre intended)

Yazan: Eileen | 16 April 2013 | 13 Comments
Categories: Rocky Road: For the Mind

Thank you for your patience. I had hoped to post this a week ago. First, the disclaimer: I understand every relationship has its ups and downs. I always advocate working through the tough times and attempting to heal a rough patch. A good relationship will go through its difficult cycles even without extraordinary stressors such [...]

Good Times, Bad Times

Yazan: Eileen | 23 December 2012 | 2 Comments
Categories: Rocky Road: For the Mind

There are days, and then there are days. I’m having one of those, but I promised myself I’d write on a regular basis and be honest with my readers. If I write only when I’m up, that’s a great way to alienate the very people I care about reaching. I believe in trying to maintain [...]