When To Stop Fixing Ourselves

You know how irritating it is when others try to help with their quick-fix solutions to our complex medical problems? What a shock when I realized I incessantly try to fix myself. Of course I want to feel well and improve quality of life, but when is it time to stop fixing? When I finished treatment, […]

Fatigue, Pain and Quiet

I needed a break from my blog, but I miss writing. I miss continuing the book that is my work-in -progress. I feel so brain dead much of the time. Actually, I hear my coherent thoughts, ideas and inspiration, but mostly don’t have the energy to execute them in a way that’s all that interesting. I decided to write […]


There are days fatigue sits on my shoulders its fat ass crushing my bones My skeleton disintegrates into tiny fragments leaving my flesh like a rumpled unmade bed   There are days I feel like a stuffed doll strewn across the cold tiled floor Abandoned, lifeless, lumpy Matted stuffing peeks out from ripped seams   Some days […]

Burnt, Fried and a lil’ bit Crispy

It’s roughly a month since I last posted. I’ve never been so absent from my own blog. As my title suggests, I’ve been in burn-out mode.  My job required a lot of overtime during the last month when it’s been a struggle to put in the normal 40-hour week. While my energy continues to make […]

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