Goodbye, Beth Caldwell #forbeth

Most of you reading this are familiar with the incomparable Beth Caldwell, who died on November 2 from metastatic breast cancer. I could go on about her indomitable spirit and fierce advocacy, but most everyone within the breast cancer community is well aware of Beth who has always had our love and esteem. I first […]

Repost: On Finding out Craig Had Metastatic Cancer

My friend Craig was diagnosed with cancer about the same time as me. Unlike me, his cancer was metastatic, having spread to other parts of his body. Before I moved from L.A., he and I got together along with his little boy. I quickly realized that while we shared some commonalities, his experience varied from […]

When Friends Die

Cancer brought Maxwell and I together. It also tore us apart. Maxwell died today. Peacefully, I’m told. He is now free, and freedom meant everything to Maxwell. He was as free a spirit as I’d ever met. Certainly unconventional in many respects.  The Rolling Stones song, Ruby Tuesday, makes me think of him, especially the lines (with a […]

In Memory of Mom 1933-2013

On October 26, my mother passed away. She was 80 years old, but had been relatively healthy and independent. Her sudden death left my family in shock. My father had passed away nearly 23 years ago from cancer. Not a day had gone by that my mother didn’t feel a deep sense of loss. My […]

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