2017: Adventures in Reinvention

Here’s the thing about reinvention — it’s a pain in the ass. No, really, it takes a lot of work, focus and exploration. People love throwing around the word “reinvention” as in: After going through months/years of cancer hell and not recognizing the image in the mirror, I’m going to reinvent myself. I’ll make a […]

When To Stop Fixing Ourselves

You know how irritating it is when others try to help with their quick-fix solutions to our complex medical problems? What a shock when I realized I incessantly try to fix myself. Of course I want to feel well and improve quality of life, but when is it time to stop fixing? When I finished treatment, […]


It’s not that anyone attains perfection, but after living with ourselves our entire lives, we learn what to expect. We know our highest levels of performance, our areas of strengths and unique gifts. We pride ourselves in these attributes and strive to be the best we can. Then debilitating illness strikes. We’re not who we […]

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