Mental Illness: Not a Joke #mhblogday

In honor of Mental Health Blogging Day, I’m going to veer from my usual cancer-related posts and tell you a story that left a deep mark on me. Many years ago, I loved a good and gentle man named David. Beautiful inside and out, he was intelligent, talented and had a good sense of humor. […]

Relationships with Cancer (double entendre intended)

First, the disclaimer: I understand every relationship has its ups and downs. I always advocate working through the tough times and attempting to heal a rough patch. A good relationship will go through its difficult cycles even without extraordinary stressors such as cancer, but many are able to get through it, and move on together […]

Update and Repost: Lovers’ Quarrel with WordPress

Recently, I started a new job. It’s the first fulltime job I’ve had since cancer. I’m in a period of adjustment and as a result to the blog, I’m not posting as soon as I would have liked. I don’t know why at this point, two years post-treatment, that I’m still so fatigued. I had […]

Unwanted Visitors: A How-Not-To Guide

Long before the internet, a popular essay made the rounds in Ann Landers’ column. And, yes, I’m dating myself, but understand that from the time I was a fetus, my mother read Ann Landers and Dear Abby while I flitted about the womb, completely engrossed. We had a good system: Two tugs on the umbilical […]

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