Survivors and the Holocaust

Yesterday was Holocaust Rembrance Day. I’m reposting from three years ago, but first this excerpt from Elie Wiesel from his book, Open Heart, which he wrote after having heart surgery: Illness may diminish me, but it will not destroy me. I don’t believe Mr. Wiesel referred to his physical body when he said it would not […]

Survivor: An Inconvenient Label

Did you know June 7 is National Cancer Survivors Day? Being alive after cancer is worthy of a celebration any day. Just tread lightly when using “survivor” in a sentence. Anyone who’s been around Cancertown for any length of time knows “survivor” is rife with conflict for many, uh … survivors. You never know if and when a […]

People Profiles: Diane, Woman of Strength

One of the nicest by-products of blogging is connecting online with others who have been similarly afflicted with cancer. We commiserate; we share; we bond. There’s a sense of knowing that doesn’t need an abundance of words to communicate the varied yet common experiences we’ve endured. Occasionally, geography allows us to cross paths in the […]

Survivor Poll

This post is not a rant against the term “survivor.” I’m well aware that many within the cancer community are not comfortable with that tag, even when deemed cancer-free. I respect that. While I’m not necessarily attached to the word myself, I understand the choice is one of semantics. As a writer, I’m keenly aware […]

San Francisco Gets Brain Fog

If it’s good enough for San Francisco, it’s good enough for me. I’m talking about that thick cloud of haze that blows through and limits visibility. I’ve always felt a special kinship with the City by the Bay, but now more than ever since we bonded over the misty stuff. True, my brain fog is […]


Ever notice the comments people make when extraordinary hardship befalls another? They might say, “You’re so strong, so brave.” In the unfortunate person’s absence, those words translate differently: “I could never go through that!” My response? It’s not like so-and-so had a choice, decided they could and volunteered. Who knows why we get cancer, but […]

I Sweat the Small Stuff!

The woman at the bank asked, “Has cancer changed you? Do you no longer sweat the small stuff?”Cancer definitely changes everyone whom it touches, but not always in the ways people think. As if we become spiritual goddesses for having survived hell. On the other hand, and speaking for myself, it wasn’t as if I […]

I Have a Dream

I recently had a dream. And, yes, sharing dreams is boring, don’t you agree? Which is why I’ll keep this concise. And relevant. And stop babbling now and get on with it… I rode a bicycle along a dirt path running parallel to the main road for cars. I pedaled as fast as I could, working hard, but […]

No One Thing

If there’s one thing that’s certain, there’s no one thing that’s responsible for one’s healing. While a particular act may significantly contribute toward healing, nothing is a “get healed quick” anecdote. Being proactive toward your own healing will take you further along in the trek toward wellness, but nothing is instantaneous. It’s a process, an […]

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