Toxic Relationships

It’s a gift to have a supportive spouse/partner, but illness or other pressures bring out a person’s true colors, for better or for worse.  Toxic relationships can exist in many forms besides romantic unions. It can be a friend, relative, co-worker or boss as we’re well aware these days. Many people who go through cancer or other serious illnesses discover an intolerance within themselves for those who are as cancer personified. There’s no room left for one more thing. Enough is enough!

I’m not sure why I’m sharing this now. Maybe it’s the women’s marches that happened all over the world today. Maybe because I searched my computer today and unearthed forgotten prose I’d written five years ago during much frustration and pain. The husband/caregiver and I were still together but I desperately needed it to end. I wrote this as a release of frustration and perhaps to bring some levity to what was a serious and toxic situation. If you aren’t familiar with my story, you can read my post: Relationships With Cancer.

Disclaimer: I love men. I’ve been fortunate to have many good ones in my life, starting with those in my family. I’m a fan; just not of this one.

Here you go, for any woman or man in the middle of a similar hell:


I bagged old clothes to drop off at Good Will

When it occurred to me, while I’m there

Why not drop off the husband?

Not sure what they’ll do with him

But I don’t really care.

Just so long as I don’t have to feed him anymore

Or listen to his bullshit.


I know …

What does Good Will want with him?

But what do I want with him?

I can’t just stick him in the shed with all the other useless crap

And it’s not as if Good Will isn’t used to other people’s junk.

They’re in the business of collecting unwanted items

And recycling them off to someone else but

Occasionally a thing will be so damaged

Even Good Will rejects it.


That’s why it’s best to

Bag it up, drop it off, drive away


Exit in the get-away car

Before they give it back.


If Good Will takes the husband off my hands,

They’ll do so for free,

Unlike family law court which charges a fee,

And if he weighs too much,

they’ll even drive to the house to pick him up.


Like a yard sale,

One woman’s trash is another’s treasure.

Someone else can listen to

His lies

Empty promises

Crazed outbursts.

But he’s so funny

The jokes and witty impressions

Will make her laugh with boisterous gusto at

The same worn material she hasn’t heard

A gazillion times.

No, it’s all new to her and she’ll be charmed


And think,

“Who’s the bitch who mistreated this good soul,

Then threw him out

Like used clothing?”


Good Will may just find such a customer.

That or they’ll dispose of him

like another piece of junk

Unfit to occupy

Shelf space.


  1. Decluttering is a thing now, and this is adorable — I’m sorry you felt this way but glad you took action! Xoxo a

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